Coming to an end

Zipline has been a great experience! I am finishing slicing a website up and on Monday I will test it in BrowserStack. How exciting! Advertisements

This week

Another week has come and gone. I finally had an ahhh-haaa breakthrough moment with javascript and jquery. I was able to go to Zipline three times this week. Some of the projects I worked on were e-newsletters, design, and slicing facebook pages. E-newsletters are making more sense to me, what a relief.

Monday at Zipline

On Monday, January 16th I headed down to the internship. I was excited about what I was going to learn (who knows what at this point). When I got there, there was an all company meeting going on. Since the door was locked to get in, I had to knock. I got to go to […]

Addy feedback

So, it’s still Friday the 13th and an employee at my internship really wanted to see my Addy entry. I pulled out my website, feeling relatively confident, and received everyone’s opinion. And I mean everyone’s! It was great! I learned a lot more (from a different perspective) about general rules of thumb on web layout. […]


Last Friday, January 13th, I was asked to work on the e-newletter again. I was nervous. I had a better understanding of tables than on Wednesday but I wasn’t sure where or how to start. Ryan came to the rescue. He walked me through how to look at the layout to determine which areas would, […]

today at the internship

The main task I was assigned to work on today was to create an HTML e-newsletter.  The design was completed so it was my responsibility to slice the images and make the HTML.  I have not had the opportunity to use HTML tables.  This was a challenge!  The first resource I was told about was […]