Typo Conference 2012

Speaker 2: Eva-Lotta Lamb on Sketchnotes

Sketchnotes are amazing.  Ever heard of it before?  I was in the dark until today.  Sketchnotes are to capture a series of notes on books, talks/speakers, videos, etc.  It is important for  the individual utilizing this idea to be a good thinker and listener.  Basically, be able to multi-task. Be non-linear and improvise.  In a […]

Speaker 1: Tina Roth Eisenberg

Tina Roth Eisenberg is inspiring and gave great advice on work (design) and life in general.  She broke it down into 8 points. 1.)  Find what you love:  don’t stop until you find it 2.)  Don’t be a complainer:  make things better.  Ex:  She was helping her daughter put on temporary tattoos and she thought […]

Typo 2012: The kick offf

Typo Conference 2012 was beginning.  The energy in the Yerba Buena Gardens Convention Center was incredible.  I have never been around so many passionate designers in one location before.  Ever!  As a novice, I was nervous because I knew there was going to be amazing, educational sessions but I wasn’t prepared for this.  In one […]